The Opportunity

Consider the video clip below, it was shot some years ago while Master Fung was teaching a group of us at the park.


Before studying with Master Fung I spent many years studying other styles, including Karate, Kung Fu & Aikijutsu.  Much of my time was spent learning apply locks, throws,  grappling techniques and how to defend against them.

Just prior to this clip I was telling my Sifu how I had figured out how to apply The Method to my old Aikijutsu training and he gave me an opportunity to demonstrate.  Afterward he took a turn with, as you can see, a much more dramatic effect.

The cool thing for me with this development in my training was suddenly years and years of work that I had done learning to attack with and defend against these techniques was rejuvenated.  The internal body mechanic achievements that come from proper training in The Method opened the door to an entirely new level of skill with techniques I though I had left behind.  It was like finding money in a bank account you forgot about that was pulling in a nice interest rate the whole time.

So if your like me and have years invested in various types of training and are now considering investing your time in internal development I say to you have very keen opportunity.

Take the time to really ‘get it’ and part of your reward will be dividends that come from applying what your achievements to your previous training.

This opportunity does not just apply to martial arts but chi gung, yoga and even sports.

Remember, The Method simply helps you wake up a latent capacity you already have.  When you do its a game changer, giving you the opportunity to take what you already know to a new level.


About steveehrenreich

I am a long time practitioner of martial arts and Yi Chuan student of Master Cheuk Fung.
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