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I am a long time practitioner of martial arts and Yi Chuan student of Master Cheuk Fung.


This picture was taken a number of years ago. Its a snap shot of my Teacher sending me flying during a Yi Chuan partner practice called ‘bouncing’. I often get reactions from people that this must be fake. I also … Continue reading

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Announcing my ‘Explore Yi Chuan’ Self-Study Course

For many years now I have counselled and taught practitioners of various martial arts and energy work styles Yi Chuan ideas and exercises.  During this time I have moved around the world, living in the United States, the United Kingdom … Continue reading

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Standing with Purpose

Standing Practice, also know as Standing the Stake, Jam Jong, Zhuan Zhuang, etc. is utilized by many martial arts and healing modalities to develop connectivity and increase energy flow. The so-called hugging the tree posture is probably what most people … Continue reading

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Yin & Yang vs. Yin then Yang

Sometimes the obvious is the hardest to see.  I think that applies to Yin & Yang, a symbol the is ubiquitous in martial arts.  We talk about it, put it on our t-shirts, hang it on the wall, its beady … Continue reading

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Manifesting Structure Through Intention (MSTI) Exercise

I developed this training routine to help you learn how to use intention to develop unity in your body’s structure (frame). Background The state of unity or ‘Hunyan’ as we refer to it in Yi Chuan is the dynamic balance … Continue reading

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Free Consultation for those Interested in Distance Learning

I am happy to announce that I am now offering a free 45 minute consultation for folks interested in distance learning. When I was first approached by a prospective student who wanted lessons on-line I was skeptical.  I did not … Continue reading

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Changing Mind & Body

Yi Chuan training changing mind & body. Continue reading

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I have recently moved to Perth, Western Australia where I previously lived for 3 years. I am excited to offer in person Yi Chuan training to my current students and new students who are interested in: Getting more out of … Continue reading

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The Reality and Power of One

I like to ask new students how many moves they have in their form(s).  The answers vary from 5, 8, 36, 108 to hundreds in a single form.  For those folks that have been training a while and have many forms…well … Continue reading

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Beyond Ergonomics Intro

Webster says, “Medical Definition of ergonomics. 1: an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely—called also human engineering, human factors engineering.” I think we can do … Continue reading

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