Why Yi Chuan?

Yi Chuan practice is designed to awaken, develop and make useful a new kind of strength in the practitioner called integrated, whole-body or oneness strength.  The capacity to spontaneously use integrated strength can be called the goal of Yi Chuan.  The process of getting to that goal is time consuming, frustrating and challenging even to the most dedicated students.  Which begs the question, why study Yi Chuan?

Integrated Strength – Integrated strength (also referred to a Hunyuan, whole-body, six surfaces, unified and internal strength) is different than ordinary strength and is very effective for self defense.

Getting ‘Out of the Box’ – Yi Chuan practice draws your awareness into what your body is feeling right now and emphasizes the experiential learning process.

Three for One – Yi Chuan is designed to build integrated strength, improve health and increase energy simultaneously.