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Standing with Purpose

Standing Practice, also know as Standing the Stake, Jam Jong, Zhuan Zhuang, etc. is utilized by many martial arts and healing modalities to develop connectivity and increase energy flow. The so-called hugging the tree posture is probably what most people … Continue reading

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The Way of Yi Chuan

Yi Chuan can be called an ancient method in a modern package.  While Yi Chuan (also know a Da Cheng Chuan or great achievement fist) was systematized in the early 1900’s by Grandmaster Wang it is based on a method that … Continue reading

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Getting ‘Out of the Box”

The box is everywhere, its all around us.  Its how we think, what we see and how we control the world in which we live.  From infancy what is real has been defined by our teachers, ingrained in us, from … Continue reading

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Ride the Wave

Integrated strength exhibits characteristics that differentiate it from ordinary strength.  In Yi Chuan the procedures for testing integrated strength are designed to help the practitioner recognize these differences.  In many cases the practitioner will fail the test if he or she is … Continue reading

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