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Yi Chuan methods and exercises for developing integrated strength.

Manifesting Structure Through Intention (MSTI) Exercise

I developed this training routine to help you learn how to use intention to develop unity in your body’s structure (frame). Background The state of unity or ‘Hunyan’ as we refer to it in Yi Chuan is the dynamic balance … Continue reading

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Explosive Strength

Yi Chuan explosive strength is where you work to condense the procedure learned in other aspect of training in time and space.  The process serves to concentrate integrated strength and increase its effectiveness. For practitioners seeking to gain self defense … Continue reading

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The Way of Yi Chuan

Yi Chuan can be called an ancient method in a modern package.  While Yi Chuan (also know a Da Cheng Chuan or great achievement fist) was systematized in the early 1900’s by Grandmaster Wang it is based on a method that … Continue reading

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Use ‘Hidden’ Practice time

The core Yi Chuan practice of Standing (Jam Jong) can be practices in any position – standing, sitting or lying down.  The purpose is to activate or unite the frame so whole body or Hunyuan strength can be applied from … Continue reading

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Make it Routine

Particularly in Yi Chuan a little bit of practice each day is far better than a bunch of practice once a week.  Building a daily habit to practice your routine (aka take your medicine) is a crucial component of getting results. … Continue reading

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Establish Clear Goals

In order to develop training habits that your improve your skill you need clear and reachable goals.  Its just common sense that often gets obscured by the excitement of learning something new.  I remember being admonished by my teacher on many occasions for putting … Continue reading

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