The Inside Out of It


The Method is often misunderstood.

Intellectually one wants to grasp It as a series of exercises to be repetitiously practiced until some result has been achieved.  In practice this misunderstanding means hour after hour devoted to reaching some conceived goal that continually seems to slip yet further away and require yet more devotion to reach.

It makes me tired just thinking about it.

During my years of teaching I have had a number of bitter sweet moments with my students.  These are folks who have years invested in standing practice, some more than me and have just about given up.  We make some changes to how they practice, they get some results, we change the practice again, we get more results.

Then the moment comes when they realize they have not been doing Jam Jong for all those years, what they have been doing is just standing there.  A bit of a shudder runs through their body as they realize where they could have been after all those hours of training if they just understood how The Method works.


Long story short, they key is learning how to get our conscious mind to make our subconscious mind do the work.

For example, if I visualize lifting something very heavy and really put some Yi into it, my frame will dynamically configure itself “as if” I actually was lifting something heavy.  That is what the subconscious does, the Yi directs the Chi.  Eventually you can re-create the same dynamic reconfiguration without the  visualization, simply by recalling the feeling of it.

That’s The Method, It brings the inside out.

On The Method Facebook group I have posted a 4 part training exercise I designed that helps to do just that.


About steveehrenreich

I am a long time practitioner of martial arts and Yi Chuan student of Master Cheuk Fung.
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  1. ian2018 says:

    Gracias muy amable por compartir… me gustaría probar las practicas X Skype si es posible . Soy de argentina

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