Distance Learning Works

Over the past couple of years I have been helping people develop their practice by meeting with them through Skype or similar video conferencing service.

At first I was skeptical, my prospective on-line student had to talk me into giving it a try.  After a clunky start we soon worked out some common ground and eventually got some really good results (and more to come).

Since then I have been honing my approach an am having success teaching people from a variety of backgrounds who’s interest in Yi Chuan training range from ground fighting to energy cultivation.

In particular people who incorporate standing or jam jong into their practice can benefit from distance learning when they can’t physically get to a qualified teacher.  Here is why:

Yi Chuan is all about using intent (Yi) to develop self defense.  Our basic formula is body mechanics plus intent (Yi) = a change in feeling state.  Most practitioners that I have come across understand the basic body mechanics but do not know how to use the intent to active their frame.  This leaves their fundamental practice lacking, means they are literally just standing there.

I teach as I was taught, to use strong visualizations to get the body to physiologically respond as if what you visualize is actually happening.  This ‘trick’ overtime helps you become consciously aware of how your frame subconsciously responds to your intent.  By replicating the feeling state the dynamic geometry of your frame can be consciously configured for a desired effect.

This process transforms a standing practice from a passive monotonous test of endurance into a present, dynamic intense experience.

While nothing is better than hands on experience, with the visual feedback from a video link I can help you get the ‘Yi’ into your practice.

Ideally distance learning works best in conjunction with hands on time.  In some cases I meet with student online before they come for a visit in others its used to supplement in between visits.

In any case the goal is to help evolve your practice and distance learning is just a tool to support that.


About steveehrenreich

I am a long time practitioner of martial arts and Yi Chuan student of Master Cheuk Fung.
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