Explosive Strength

Yi Chuan explosive strength is where you work to condense the procedure learned in other aspect of training in time and space.  The process serves to concentrate integrated strength and increase its effectiveness.

For practitioners seeking to gain self defense advantage this phase of training is critical.  Self defense can not rely on a preparatory procedure, cognitive thinking or chess like strategy, there is simply no time.  With explosive strength training we learn to respond spontaneously and quickly when triggered.  Ideally the goal is to unite explosive strength with natural reactions.  The founder said strength must appear spontaneously, like when being burned or catching something that drops, the reaction happens without thinking.

For practitioners focused on the health aspects of Yi Chuan practice explosive strength training is, contrary to conventional wisdom, also important.  With explosive strength training the body is given a vigorous workout, body requirements experientially clarified and the power of the Yi fortified.  The core practice of Jam Jong itself is a change of state, a posture of presence, alertness, centeredness and readiness….ready to explode.

At first explosive strength is clumsy and awkward, its difficult to do quickly all of the things that were practiced slowly.  Overtime a realization occurs that the impetus of every explosion is an implosion.  As the strength condenses inward it has nowhere to go but out.

Timing is also tricky.  Conventional wisdom again conceals truth.  Windup and go become one thing, not two.  He attacks first but I arrive first.  Unity must be maintained, the out can not separate from the in.  The use of the force is not to send debris flying into the air but to focus and cut through the obstruction like a shaped charge.

Explosive strength training is fun.  It wakes you up and makes you aware of the capability available to you in a moments notice, a little something extra on-hand in case you need it.

About steveehrenreich

I am a long time practitioner of martial arts and Yi Chuan student of Master Cheuk Fung.
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